Pastor Scott Gilchrist is the Bible teacher for this non-denominational Christian ministry whose purpose is to bring clear, Christ-centered Bible teaching to the state of Oregon and beyond through its radio programs and digital podcasts.
 Abide in the Word, formerly Downtown Bible Class, has been broadcasting in the Portland area since the spring of 1993. You can listen to the Abide in the Word radio broadcast every weekday on KPDQ AM & FM, or tune in any time of the day at this website or through the Abide app. 

What is the Abide Method?

Spend Time In The Bible

Pastor Scott Gilchrist introduced the Abide method as a means to help us grow in our relationship with God through time spent in the Bible and prayer. Spending time with God regularly … daily … helps us grow in our understanding of abiding in Christ in our home, at work, in school, and in every area of our lives.

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